The following people contributed material or time to BOFHweb.

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Wednesday, mistress of pain and suffering.

Man Page Contributors

Tim Bandy - the LART page.

Abby Franquemont-Guillory - the SYSADMIN page.

Eric Pederson - the BOSSKILL, LUSER and WHACK pages.

Simon Burr - the CTLUSER page.

Kurt Hockenbury - the KNIFE page.

Your WebBastards:

Eric the Ornery. Best just left alone.

Sam Thomas The mad router hacker.

Mellon the Curious. Can handle everything except stupidity.

Koos the Unorganized. Likes: walks on the beach and furry kittens. Dislikes: lusers who ask questions while I'm busy doing something important (this is approximately from 8am to 11pm).

Al the Addled. "Ave, sysimperator, nos rmuseri te salutamus!"

Bryant the Cynical. Death to -- oh, hell, everyone. Why not?

[The rest of you write your own blurbs]

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