Welcome to BOFHweb, the only site on the Web that would reach out and smack you if it could.

We are the Bastard Operators From Hell. (or at least we wish we were that cool) We take our name from our mentor, a character in a set of humorous newsgroup postings/articles by Simon Travaglia that you can find in a set of archives here and new articles somewhere in the Register. We suggest that you read them (or at least some of them) before digging too deeply into our site. ]:)

The lusers had JenniCAM. We still have BOFHcam, showing that true bofhery lasts longer.

Since it is a given that all operating systems suck, many Bastards have contributed man pages for commands that would improve unix greatly. This collection is always growing , as more and more pages are contributed for the greater good.

Also on this site is the Sysadmin Purity Test, for anyone who wants to know just how much of a BOFH they are (or aren't).

[Comments about BOFH home pages, with link.]

Since BOFH's spent most of their time fighting with the latest miracles from commercial software vendors, they have set up their own network of ftp sites carrying the latest and the greatest.

If you're brave enough to leave a trace, maybe you could sign our guestbook.

The megabastards who went to LISA generated their own egotistical sneering pages.

Many good and fine Bastards contributed to this site. We'd like to give them credit, and invite you to pay homage to their greatness (or at least, look at their personal pages).

Dilbert, our role model in dealing with cow orkers and management. Since none of us would have even time to buy a newspaper if newsstands would be open at times we might have time to walk into one, the creators of Dilbert wisened up and made it available on-line so we can view it at times convinient to us.

In dealing with lusers, the Network Traffic Violation Ticket could be quite useful.

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