LISA Quotes

Bryant: "Is your hotel room dingy?"
Carlos: "Fuck no! I'm Carlos Castro!"

Lamont: "Here's INN, here's me, here's -- Carlos, pouring beer on my leg."

Tale, to Abby: "Out of my sight!"

Pete: "Lamont, go look at yourself in the mirror."
Lamont: "No way. I'm about to eat."

Lamont's boss, upon seeing a login to his machine from a .net host: "Someone's hacking us from the Netherlands!"

Bryant, sincerely: "UNIX is a very complex system... since UNIX is a complex system, it takes a complex person to use it."

Lamont: "I'm an electrical engineer on a rampage with whatever's not nailed down."

Eric: "Here's to clueless NT admins, who guarantee our job security forever!"

Bryant, to Wednesday: "You're the only person I've lost blood to out of this whole homicidal group."

Lamont: "Don't worry, dear, I'll run the queue again in 15 minutes."

Bryant: "You know, I can't take credit for the internet, but then again, I don't really want to."

Bryant: "If we were meant to use emacs, it would be called emacspw. It's not."

Bryant: "In the future, my penis will have its own IP address."

Evi Nemeth: "I think MIME is evil."

PNMP -- Psychic Network Management Protocol

Eugene: "Is it october yet?"

Unknown: "What I learned at LISA: sendmail can stand up, but Eric Allman can't."

Lamont: "This donut is staler than my NFS filehandles."

Bryant: "Lamont has a big learning penis."

Unknown: "England ain't a great place, but they sure built a good network."



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